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자주묻는 질문


How can I perform periodic updates using the AWS Command Line Interface (CLI)?

<< Test Results on Windows PC >>

G:\aaa>aws configure                                // Authenticating AWS

AWS Access Key ID [****************ZUFH]:      // Enter the Access key ID for s3uploader account

AWS Secret Access Key [****************sN2O]:  // Enter the Secret access key for s3uploader account

Default region name [ap-northeast-2]:             // Enter ap-northeast-2 (Region’s Name)

Default output format [ENTER]:                      // Enter TEXT(Reference to the output form in the manual)

G:\aaa>aws s3 sync g:\aaa  s3://abc/upload_test
// A command to sync a file in the g:\aaa folder on the local PC to the upload_test folder in the S3 bucket called fcseoulpub

— Screen Results After Command Entry —-

C:\Program Files\Amazon\AWSCLI\.\dateutil\parser\_parser.py:1189: UnicodeWarning: Unicode equal comparison failed to convert both arguments to Unicode – interpreting them as being unequal

upload: .\test.xls to s3://abc/upload_test/test.xls

  • Register a Schedule Job on the PC or server for the command line that syncs the file in item 2

※ If you connect aws configure once from the working device, authentication will be maintained.

How do I upload images from VMWare to AWS?


Importing VMs into Images Using VM Import/Export

Exporting VMs in VMWare

Additional Notes – Transfer of OS on VMWare to AWS EC2


To upload a VM image to AWS and make it into an instance, follow these steps:

  1. VM Settings and Image Extraction – Change VM Settings (NIC, CD-ROM), VM Down OVF Export…
  2. AWS IAM (Identity and Access Management) – Creating an IAM Account for Use with the Permission Settings CLI
  3. AWS S3 (Simple Storage Service) – Upload VM Image
  4. AWS CLI – S3 to EC2
  5. AWS EC2 (Elastic Compute Cloud) – Upload to Instance
  6. AWS VPC (Virtual Private Cloud)- Internet Gateway Settings


  1. Modify VM setup and Extract Image

1) Change IP to dhcp.
2) Erase unnecessary settings from virtual machines such as CD-ROMs.
3) Extract VMs.

  1. AWS IAM (Identity and Access Management) – Setting Permissions


  1. AWS S3 (Simple Storage Service) – Upload VM Image


1) Click [Create Bucket]
2) Type ‘Bucket Name’ and ‘Region’ and click [Create]
3) Upload VM Image

  1. AWS CLI – S3 to EC2


1) Install AWS-CLI
2) Initialize aws-cli in CMD

aws configure
AWS Access Key ID:
AWS Secret Access Key:
Default region name: `ap-northeast-1`
Default output format: `None`

3) Create a file

trust-policy.json, role-policy.json, containers.json

참조: http://docs.aws.amazon.com/kokr/vm-import/latest/userguide/import-vm-image.html

4) aws-cli in CMD

(1) Setting Permissions

aws iam create-role –role-name vmimport –assume-role-policy-document file://trust-policy.json

aws iam put-role-policy –role-name vmimport –policy-name vmimport –policy-document file://role-policy.json

(2) Sending from S3 to EC2

aws ec2 import-image –disk-containers file://containers.json

(3) Checking progress

aws ec2 describe-import-image-tasks –import-task-ids import-ami-fgxn195f

  1. AWS EC2 (Elastic Compute Cloud) – Upload to Instance


  1. AWS VPC (Virtual Private Cloud) – Internet Gateway Settings



Is there a way to mount AWS S3 to Windows Explorer?

AWS S3 mount for Windows

There are many ways, but this is one example.



Precautions for stopping RDS
  • In some cases, stopping a DB instance may take a long time.
  • DB instances can be stopped for up to 7 days. After 7 days, the DB instance starts automatically without having to start manually.
  • If you stop a DB instance, the instance ID, Domain Name Server (DNS) endpoints, parameter groups, security groups, and option groups are retained.
  • There is no charge for that instance, but there is a charge for storage.
What is the difference between stop and terminate in EC2?

Note that Stopping an instance and Terminating an instance are different functions.

  • stop : Leave the generated instance and power it off (server power off)
  • terminate : Delete created instance (delete server)
  • Instructions for stopping an instance
    • Private IP is fixed even when the instance is stopped.
    • The Public IP is automatically disabled and a new Public IP can be assigned upon restart.
    • When using Elastic IP, Public IP is also fixed equally, and there is a charge for that Elastic IP.
      (Not imposed when running an instance)
    • There is no charge for that instance, but there is a charge for EBS.


[Guide] Automatically mounting the Amazon EFS file system
[Guide] AWS IoT Core Basic Configuration
[Guide] Cloud Watch Agent Configuration
[Guide] Creating an AWS IAM Account

AWS IAM Account Creation Guide v1.0

To create an AWS account, go to the AWS IAM (Identity and Access Management) service and add users.
Check the attached guide link for detailed procedures.

[Guide] RDS Performance Improvement Helper
[Guide] Setting up SES mail and creating an account dedicated to SES