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T Pharmaceutical Company

Deploying the industry’s first pharmacy customer relationship management (CRM) to deliver customized services quickly and effectively

Company Overview

  • Korea’s top pharmaceutical distribution company with 80 years of tradition connecting the three major family businesses and achieved annual sales of 100 billion won in 2001
  • It has 11,700 direct customers in the Seoul metropolitan area and the central region, and has established a system that leads the distribution market of 130 kinds of its own PB products and medicines.
  • It provides customized counseling services to pharmacies through the provision of a CRM system.

The Situation

  • Need to review overall service improvement for existing CRM services
  • Need an IT service infrastructure that is agile and scalable to customers’ rapidly changing needs
  • Need to develop a service model that provides customized services for each customer through various analyses/reviews of customer data

The Solution

  • We have carried out an upgrade of the existing Wooyaksa service through a specialized CRM solution construction and deployment project.
  • We developed an integrated dashboard for managing membership status, counseling history, and integrated media board service for pharmacies.
  • By establishing IT infrastructure as AWS, it is possible to respond quickly, and in the future, it is planning to upgrade its service using various functions such as Big Data and AI.

Hyundai Research Institute

Strengthening online education business (B2B) competitiveness through integration of individual IT systems and AWS transformation of online education systems (LMS)

Company Overview

  • HRI is Hyundai Group’s think tank and the best private research institution in Korea and develops economic and industrial research, management consulting projects, and education and training projects.
  • HRI mainly conducts economic and industrial research, management consulting business, education business (On-Line/Off-Line/Global), and knowledge service businesses.
  • HRI is opening and operating Cylarn, an online education and training service for B2B job training and HRD education, and Creative TV, a knowledge portal service.

The Situation

  • Need to integrate online education system (Cylarn) and knowledge portal system (Create TV) infrastructure and operations/management
  • Need to improve IT management systems and processes for existing contracts, maintenance, operations, and development
  • Need to ensure infrastructure stability through H/W replacement and agility and scalability considering future service expansion

The Solution

  • We integrated two different systems (KT Cloud, IDC) into Amazon AWS and domestic CDN.
  • We improved the IT operation/management system by transferring IT contract/maintenance and infrastructure operations to Hyundai Movex.
  • We secured system stability, service agility, and scalability through the Amazon AWS transition of aging H/W.

The Architecture

The Benefit

  • It is possible to improve operation/management efficiency and prepare an innovative growth engine through the integration of individual IT systems.
  • It is possible to reduce costs (saving TCO by 30% over 5 years) through integration of existing systems and transformation to the cloud.
  • It is possible to secure high stability and agility by converting AWS of existing infrastructure.