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E Secretariat under the United Nations

Securing stable website operating system through AWS transformation of unstable and insufficient fault response infrastructure

Company Overview

  • An international organization adopted at the World Summit on Sustainable Development (WSSD) for the protection of mobile waterfowl, habitat conservation and the livelihood of those involved
  • It considers human and biodiversity in the path of migration for bird and habitat conservation and provides a framework for dialogue and cooperation between various stakeholders.
  • It currently has 35 Global partners, including 17 countries, 6 government organizations, 11 international NGOs, and 1 international private company.

The Situation

  • Need to secure infrastructure stability and establish fast support for websites operating overseas(Australia)
  • Need to transfer reliably to major services (Homepage, DNS, FTP) that are already in operation
  • Need to transfer files and DBs in operation on the homepage and configure WordPress Plug-In and SSL certificates

The Solution

  • Creating a fast, reliable infrastructure environment with Amazon EC2, RDS, Route5, and S3
  • Performing migration operations on the existing home page’s content and database
  • Performing reliable migration of WordPress-based websites and a step-by-step transition to minimize data loss

The Architecture

The benefit

  • Boosting reliability and continuity with Amazon’s reliable cloud infrastructure
  • Reduced response time to existing service failures to 168 hours > 15 minutes (99.8% reduction in response time)
  • Respond quickly and nimbly to rapidly changing customer needs